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Dress Code

Dress Code:   2016-2017 - Approved

Good grooming and appropriate dress are expected of all students. There is a positive relationship between a neat, appropriate appearance and a good learning environment. Current safety issues are addressed by the student dress code. The dress code is intended to be fair and equal in promoting a safe and stable learning environment for all students.

1.      Any type of clothing or dress that interferes with or distracts from a pleasant, proper learning environment is unacceptable.

2.      Clothing must be worn as designed.

3.      All short pants, skirts, skorts, split skirts, etc.; should be worn to the appropriate length. The length must be no higher than the top of the knee.

4.      No hats or headgear of any type are to be worn inside school buildings. Unacceptable items include the following: head/sweatbands, toboggans, du-rags, bandannas, visors, scarves or hoods.

5.      Sunglasses or gloves are not to be worn inside the buildings.

6.      No trench coats are to be worn on school grounds.

7.      Rollers, combs, picks, and brushes may not be worn in the hair.

8.      Baggy or over-sized clothing is prohibited.

9.      Clothing may not expose skin at the midriff/waistline. If the student cannot sit down without exposing skin at midriff/waistline, then the shirt or blouse is unacceptable to wear at school.

10.  Jeans, pants, shorts, and slacks must be worn at the natural waistline. "Sagging" of pants is prohibited. 

11.  Belts are mandatory for students in grades 3rd through 12th, if pants have belt loops. Belts are optional for students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd.

12.  All buckles, belts, suspenders, and other clothes fasteners shall be fastened and buckled at all times. Buckles over two (2) inches in width are prohibited.

13.  Pants, jeans, skirts, shorts, etc. with skin or undergarments exposed through noticeable splits, holes, frays, etc. are prohibited.

14.  Pajamas (bottoms, pants, tops, etc.), beachwear, sweats, wind suits and warm-ups are prohibited.

15.  No revealing clothes of any type will be allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: see-through tops, tank tops, inappropriate sleeveless tops (such as spaghetti straps or low-cut armholes), sleeveless t-shirts, muscle shirts, fish-net jerseys, skirts or dresses with revealing splits or clothing that shows visible undergarments.

16.  Slogans: Clothing may not suggest, advertise, state, display, or promote words, signs, symbols, or gestures related to racial slurs, gender-related slurs, profanity, sexually suggestive language, violence, weapons, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or gangs.

17.  Undershirts may not be worn as a t-shirt.  Proper undergarments must be worn and must not be visible.

18.  Excessively tight-fitting clothes are not to be worn; this includes, but is not limited to: bicycle pants, tights, leggings or yoga pants, etc. These will be allowed if worn under skirts or pants of a suitable length (see dress code #3).

19.  Shirts are to be buttoned appropriately at all times.

20.  Excessively large jewelry (pendants, chains, etc.) will be prohibited.  No chains are to be attached to wallets or pants. No large chains are to be worn around the neck.

21.  Students are not to wear facial jewelry which pierces the skin.  This includes jewelry that pierces the nose, lips, tongue, eyebrow, etc.

22.  Appropriate shoes must be worn at all times. Shoes must be appropriately fastened at all times. House shoes or slippers, flip flops, steel-toed boots, jelly shoes, cleats, pool shoes, slides, wheelies, and high heels over two (2) inches high will not be allowed.

23.  Tracking or monitoring devices are not to be visible.

School administrators will make final determination of what is or is not appropriate to wear to school.  Decision made by school administrators regarding dress code shall be final.