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Nurse's Station Information

Nurse Information


CLINIC HOURS: 7:00 A.M. TO 3:00 P.M.
CELL 229/591-8684
OFFICE 229/931-8882


Student Health Clinic
We offer a school health clinic with trained medical staff. Our staff can provide a wide range of care for our students during school hours including:

  • Health assessment
  • Cough and colds
  • Ear aches
  • Eye irritation
  • Tooth aches
  • Stomach Illness
  • Minor headaches
  • Minor sprains
  • In-school injuries
  • Allergies
  • Emergency Care



Special Medical Needs With Consultation and Written Consent Including:


Asthma - Administer Rescue Inhalers
                Administer Daily Inhalers
                Administer Nebulizer Treatment

Diabetes - Glucose Monitoring
Administer Insulin


Behavior - Administer Daily Medications

Special Nutrition Needs



Medication Notice

It is very important that your child receives the correct medication, the correct dosage of medication and at the correct time. The school system has implemented a new policy for handling medication.
This is to remind you of the policy concerning the way student medications are handled in the Sumter County School System.

• Each student taking any type of medication that is to be administered by the School Nurse must have the medication in a unit dose pack. Each pack must include the child's name, the Doctor's name, and the medication dosage.

• Bottles of medication will not be accepted in the clinic.

• These dose packs can be made by your pharmacist. It is the responsibility of the parents to have the pharmacy to place medications in the unit dose packs.

• The packs should have the number of pills needed for each month. Pills that are taken on weekends should be kept at home.

• Medications should be brought into the clinic by a parent or guardian. The medication exchange will be signed by both the parent and the clinic nurse. This is also the procedure for medication picked up from the clinic. Under no circumstance will medication be accepted in the clinic from a student or an older sibling, and medication will not be sent home in a student's backpack or given to an older sibling.

• If your child uses an Aerosol Inhaler, the medication should be brought to school by a parent or guardian in the original box with the child's name, Doctors Name, and dosage information on the box. Clinic nurses will not accept an inhaler that is not in the original box, and will not accept the inhaler from a student.

• For students needing Nebulizer treatments, parents must bring in a mask or inhalation piece, tubing, and the medication. Each clinic has a machine. The tubing and mask will be kept at school with the child's name on it. Medication to be used should be in the original
box with the child's name, the Doctor's name, and dosage information. No single packs of medication will be accepted in the clinic.

• Cold medication, allergy medications, or any other type of prescribed liquid medications should be brought to the clinic by the parent or guardian and left with the nurse.

• At the end of the school year, any leftover medications, inhalers, or inhalation mask should be picked up from the clinic by the parent or guardian on the last day of school. Medication left in the clinic will be discarded according to state regulations. No medications will be left in the clinic to use in the next school year.

For the 2018-2019 school year your child will be in school:

Month Days in School
August 20
September 19
October  22
November 17
December 12
January 17
February 19
March 20
April 17
May 16


Thank You in advance for complying with these medication policies for the School Year 2018-2019.
If you have any questions please call the Board of Education, 229-931-8500.