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Hello and welcome to a new and exciting year of learning! Your child will be bringing home folders each week. Please remember to review the folders so you will be better informed on what we are doing daily in the classroom.  Also, initial the calender each night to let me know you have reviewed the information.  


Reading to a child is critical to the child's development. We are asking that you help your child by reading a minimum of 20 minutes a night with your child. A reading folder will be sent home to document the reading between you and your child. You can find a list of kindergarten sight words on my website. Please review these with your child on a regular basis. The sooner your child can recognize these, the sooner he/she will begin to develop good reading skills.


Your child will have two folders that he/she will bring home.  One is the Daily Folder and the second one is the Communication Courier.

 The Daily Folder will include a monthly homework calendar as well as a behavior chart.  Look for your child's work on Thursdays in the daily folder. The behavior chart is found on the calendar so you will know what kind of day he/she had at school.  Please initial on the calendar daily so I know you have seen it.  Here is the explanation on the colors.

  • Brown - Great Day!
  • Green - Good Day!
  • Yellow - An Okay Day.
  • Red - Needs Improvement. (A Sad Note will be sent to describe the behavior problems your child had that day.)

The Communication Courier (blue folder) will be sent on Wednesdays.  This will include information from the school or the upcoming events.  This folder will also include your child's work products.  Please review your child's work and sign the form in the back of the folder and return it the next day.